My area of focus is very specialized and I think it’s important tell you why that’s beneficial to you.

I have spent my career working with non-profit home health and hospice agencies. I understand the challenges and have a great appreciation for what you do. I have found that there are unique opportunities to leverage the position that you play in your marketplace. My enthusiasm for this industry comes through in the work that I do for my clients.

By focusing on business development, I have the advantage of bringing my specific experience into play, providing you with a targeted scope and a proven approach.

I take my relationships with my clients very personally and serve as a consultant, advisor and advocate. We will have a committed engagement that can be structured to fit your specific needs…short-term projects to long-term assignments.

I hope you’ll take a minute to look through the specific services, but most importantly, just reach out and we can talk about your situation. That’s really the best way to understand how I could help.