If you work in non-profit home care or hospice, you certainly know about change and the need to address it pro-actively! We are rapidly moving into a health care era that will reward value, not volume. Pro-active agencies are investing in training, technology and programs that will help them to thrive in this new environment.

Today, hospitals, SNFs and physicians are starting to take notice and realize that collaborating with home care and hospice can help them achieve their outcome and population health management goals. This is an opportunity for growth!

How do non-profit agencies that want to be leaders in their markets take advantage of this new prominence and compete effectively? By investing in best practices for Business Development.

Successful organizations take an integrated approach, by synthesizing marketing, sales, communication and service excellence to achieve greater impact. They are able to position themselves as value-added and deliver on that promise. Non-profits have the added advantage of leveraging their fundraising efforts to support innovative programs that can also foster growth.

Not surprisingly, though, there are many agencies that don’t achieve their full potential. The need for expertise in critical marketing and communication skills and the daily pressures of time have made it incredibly challenging to put the pieces together effectively.

a.m.eavesConsulting, LLC was formed to help non-profit home care and hospice leaders manage their Business Development efforts more effectively and with better results.

My name is Andrew Eaves and I am the founder and  principal of the firm. I am a highly experienced non-profit home care executive who has successfully managed diverse sales & marketing departments, grown referrals for both home care and hospice and developed unique programs that have both differentiated and built sustainable relationships for the agencies with which I’ve worked.

I believe that it’s a very exciting time for non-profit agencies to elevate their Business Development approach. Time and resources are obvious challenges, but I’m excited to be able to help you address that.  I believe that agencies of all sizes can benefit from looking at their strategic planning, sales and marketing, service excellence and communication  programs to ensure you’re getting the most that you can out of them. I think you’ll find that my approach to helping you is based on practical experience and a desire to listen to your needs and find solutions that make sense for you, your goals and your budget.”

I would be happy to talk with you about your agency. Simply give me a call and we can discuss your circumstances and determine if my services would be a good fit to help you achieve your goals.

Andrew M Eaves