Sales, Marketing & Branding

How Your Agency Benefits: Non-profit agencies do great things! Effective outreach enables you to demonstrate your value and build upon it.


Three vital elements of how your agency presents itself to the marketplace can be evaluated and recommendations made for improvement. Services can include:


Your outreach professionals are the face of your organization to referral sources. Ensuring that they have the best knowledge, skills and tools, supported by experienced management, to build thriving relationships is crucial to ongoing success.

  • Evaluation of sales team structure, skills and tactics
  • Support in developing job descriptions, hiring and onboarding
  • Sales management evaluation, hiring and mentoring
  • Interim management


Presenting your agency professionally adds credibility and value to the messaging that you want to convey. 

  • Evaluation of marketing collateral content and use 
  • Collateral development, including writing and design
  • Targeted marketing campaigns, ie: sales, new program launch, philanthropy and recruitment


Every organization occupies a niche in its marketplace. Professional branding can help you to define this niche and “own” that segment of the market.

  • Brand evaluation and complete re-branding services, including logo design, messaging and brand principles.
  • Often paired with or a by-product of strategic planning