Mentorship, Interim Management & Advisory Services

How Your Agency Benefits: Organizations seeking to elevate their approach to business development, manage a transition, support an emerging leader or address a specific issue can take advantage of my experience and ability to integrate my services in a customized fashion.


Leadership in Business Development is a unique skillset in our industry and I am delighted to share what I have learned, the tools I’ve developed and the strategies that I’ve employed. This experience can be accessed in a few different ways.


I can provide guidance in the development of business development job descriptions, recruiting, interviewing and onboarding. This service has enabled several organizations to build their talent with my side-by-side support and mentorship of new hires or those who have been tapped for advancement. This provides a very focused plan of development for the candidate and pairs them with someone from whom they can learn and grow in their specific field.

Interim Management

Oftentimes, there is a need to stabilize a business development department after the departure of a manager and ease the transition into a new, permanent leaders. Interim management services provide the agency with an experienced leader to bridge the gap or, in some cases, remain engaged for an extended period. This is a service that can be paired well with the business development evaluation and strategic planning services to provide a comprehensive approach to strengthening the role of business development in an agency.

Advisory Services

Access to business development expertise for a specific project or over an extended period, but structured to provide the services in a truly consultative fashion. Agency leaders can establish a number of hours per week or month to engage me in specific meetings, long-range projects or as a resource when having a full-time business development senior manager isn’t financially feasible. This is an ideal means for agencies to customize their business development leadership structure in a cost-effective manner.