Service Excellence

How Your Agency Benefits: Service excellence is a powerful way to differentiate your agency! Every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce your value.


Does your organization’s strategy for service excellence reinforce the implied promise of your marketing and outreach efforts? Does it support cross-selling of programs and services? Does it help strengthen your performance on patient surveys? Does it add value to teambuilding or does it enable silos to be be built?

If not, your agency may not be maximizing its opportunities.

Building a culture of service excellence and growth is one of the most beneficial ways to ensure that each customer interaction is maximized and every employee is an effective ambassador of your organization. It establishes an infrastructure that enhances growth efforts.

A service excellence engagement can:

  • Evaluate existing service standards
  • Identify core values
  • Identify key audiences and communication standards
  • Create behavioral standards that support your brand and mission
  • Develop service excellence standards and processes
  • Establish an internal service excellence campaign
  • Conduct training
  • Provide scripting, tools and processes
  • Support for creating specific departmental/functional standards